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We create probiotic, environmentally friendly products that are proven effective against bacterial resistance.
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I wanted to write and thank you for all your assistance with implementing the Chrisal products at School District 63. It was 9 months ago we first started discussing the use of pro-biotics in cleaning our schools. Chrisal was a natural fit for us as we moved away from the more toxic chemicals that had been in use for many years. We now focus more on soil and bacteria removal creating a healthier environment. Chrisal' s class A bacteria assists us in eliminating the pathogenic bacteria both at the time of application and for 4-5 days afterwards! When compared to alcohol or hydrogen-peroxide products Chrisal has greatly extended our period of activity in the battle of the germs. I have seen dramatic results in eliminating staining on tile, grout and carpet and I'm pleased that it's occurred in such a healthy way. Now that we have foggers at all of our schools we're able to apply the probiotics more consistently. Since starting with PEC we have achieved the same level of success with the floor & carpet cleaner and now the natural de scaler. We appreciate all you have done for us John and we look forward to continuing that relationship into the future!

- Saanichton, Cananda
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