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We create probiotic, environmentally friendly products that are proven effective against bacterial resistance.
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I've been using Chrisal Probiotics in my fitness center for over 2 years now. There is nothing else like it. We always receive great feedback about how my place looks and smells so new and fresh, even after being open for over 3 years.

The year before I found Chrisal, I used a number of different kinds of cleaners and wet wipes. Some of them seemed to work at the time, but they cost me over $200 per month and my equipment was getting a noticeable ring around the headrests of all the equipment. Now that we use Chrisal PIP products the stains disappeared, I know now that the dark bands were Bio-Film growing and feeding on bacteria.

Chrisal not only cleans better ans is safe, it also saves me a few thousand dollars a year. My members and trainers are the main benefactors of the product, because they are better protected from the harmful bacteria that can grow in fitness centers. I just opened my second fitness center downtown Cincinnati and I would never think of using anything but Chrisal Probiotics to keep in clean and safe.

On a side note, when Jack Reinhold from Probiotic Technologies introduced the PIP allergy product to me I was skeptical at first. Now I spray it on every open wound and ear infection my Great Pyrenees dogs get. I used to have to take them to the vet and buy expensive drugs to treat them at least every 6 months. Now I spray the PIP allergy in their ears and the yeast infections and sores clear up within a few days!! My dogs are now 12 years old and healthier and more comfortable than they were before I started treating them.

Scott Gerke
- Cincinnati, OH
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